Here is my valentine's day mani: a pink gradient with some heart shaped glitter(of course!).



Many people asked me how to do the gradient. So I thought I could come up with a simple tutorial. The next picture shows all the polishes I used in this mani. From left to right:


OPI And this little piggy: This is a very sheer shimmery pink. You want to build up the 'gradient' effect so you will need a very sheer, buildable color like this.

OPI koala berry: a bright pink. It is an intense color in a gradient mani that is used just at your finger tip to enhance the look of 'concentrated color'.

Nicole by OPI love your life: This is simply a clear coat with some fine shimmers (glitters). We use it in the last step to blend everything together. And of course the other reason I picked it up is the cute pink glitters inside.


First step: Apply a thin coat of OPI koala berry just like a french tip. It doesn't need to be perfect. Just follow your natual nail line to create a curved shape.


2. Use your gradient color, in this case, OPI and this little piggy, to apply a thin coat to the first 1/4 of your nail. You may want to use a zigzag motion as you apply this coat, to blend the two colors together just like the way you are blending eyeshadows. Again you don't need to be perfect. Everything will look better in the next step.

In this picture I show you how each of the polish looks on its own. And this little piggy is on the left and Koala berry is on the right.

My illustration of the 'zig zag' motion:



3. Apply another thin coat of 'And this little piggy' to the first half of the nail:


4. apply another coat of 'and this little piggy' to the first 3/4 of your nail:


5. Last step: apply an all-over coat of Nicole by OPI love your life to your nail:


Done. Simple, isn't it? In the above picture you may notice the tip color still looks like a french tip. I probably have to do the 'zip zag' blend a bit more when I made this...But, you get the idea.

Hope that helps. Happy Valentine's day everyone!



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